leorex - Up-Lifting series

Up-Lifting series


As a rule, all the LEOREX Up-Lifting products contain a certain percentage

the LEOREX Booster structure that will enhance and prolong the wrinkle

flattening effect, more than any other complementary product.

LEOREX Up-Lifting Moisturizer

Advanced gentle Moisturizer, with genuine Dead Sea Minerals and the innovative

algae “Dunaliella”, allows your skin to consume exactly the right dosage of

natural humectants needed.  Includes Leorex Active Structure that physically

flattens as it drys, flattening the skin with it, instantly diminishing the look of

wrinkles and pores.  The Multi-Vitamin compound A, C & E creates a protective

layer reducing the absorption of oxidants and pollutants, fortifying the natural

process of rejuvenation.


The skin looks fresh, smooth and luminous. Visually creates a healthy, glowing

complexion with an appearance of balanced radiance and elasticity.


Apply daily over cleansed face and neck.  Especially suitable for use after Leorex

Anti-Wrinkle solutions.

LEOREX Up-Lifting Wash

Revitalize Up-Lifting Wash is formulated with Leorex’s patented silica

microstructures to get closer to your skin than any other skincare product – to

cleanse even the deepest wrinkles.  As the silica microstructures dry, they bind

together and to the surface of the skin, and tighten making the skin look smoother,

diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  When used consistently

over time, Revitalize Up-Lifting Wash works toencourage the look of healthier,

younger looking skin, by allowing your skin to naturally regenerate.


Wet face and neck and apply Revitalize Up-Lifting Wash, scrubbing gently then

rinsing with plenty of water.  Use as often as needed.  For enhanced results and

long-lasting moisture, follow with Leorex Booster and Revitalize Up-Lifting


LEOREX Up-Lifting Serum

Revitalize Up-Lifting Serum is formulated with a combination of the latest in

anti-aging technologies as well as longstanding elements of rejuvenation -- like

Vitamins A and E, Chamomile, and Aloe Vera -- to offer a natural look of youth

and beauty.  The cutting-edge Swiss formula Regu-Age strengthens your skin to

look firmer.  Whey protein diminishes the look of existing wrinkles and guards

against the appearance of new ones.  Leorex’s patented silica microstructures

deliver these elements to the micro-level of your skin, where they’re most

effective.  As the microstructures dry, they bind together and to the surface of

your skin to physically lift and smooth for a fresh, youthful look and feel.


After cleansing with LEOREX Up-Lifting Wash, apply a thin layer of Up-Lifting

Serum.  Use as often as needed.  For enhanced and prolonged youthful look,

follow with LEOREX Up-Lifting Moisturizer.