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Scientific & Medical Advisory

Prof. Yoram Palti, MD, Ph.D is a Prof. of Physiology & Biophysics at the Technion-Israel Institute of
Technology. His expertise is in Electrophysiology and Biomedical Engineering. Previously Prof. Palti headed for twelve years the Rappaport Inst. for research in the Medical Sciences, the research arm of the Technion Medical School. Subsequently he transferred the bulk of his activities to the development of the Biomedical Industry in Israel.

Dr. Giora Winterstein, M.D.  is Medical and General Director of Elisha Hospitals, the largest group of private hospitals and cosmetic clinics in Israel. Dr. Winterstein also serves as C.E.O of Bio Medivest Group, a management investing firm specialising in funding and development of marketing strategies for early-stage development companies in the medical and cosmetic field. Dr Winterstein has extensive experience in senior management in medical and pharmaceutical fields as well as in medical devices field including a position as senior director in several high tech companies in Israel.

Prof. Dov Ingman, Ph.D, is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, Technion - Israeli Institute of Technology. He served as Head of New Materials Laboratory (USSR), Chief Scientist for the Institute of Reliability, Non-Destructive Testing and Instrumentation and as the Chairman of the Multidisciplinary Program of Quality Assurance and Reliability (Israel). Under his supervision, eleven Ph.D and twenty-three M.Sc. students performed their degree research in various fields of science and technology.  Prof. D. Ingman is an author of 42 scientific papers and 15 patents and patent applications. He was a principle investigator in 21 scientific and development projects. Some of the main research activities of Prof. Ingman include nanotechnology, nanostructures, biological applications of nanotechnology, Nano-technology applications in materials, photonics and microelectronics, and artificial intelligence.