leorex - For Acne Prone skin

For Acne Prone skin



The Dermo-cosmetic Series for Problematic Skin.

A Series of Patent Protected Products for Acne Free Skin




Leorex Micro-structures create a unique self-organizing  
adaptive network on the skin. PURE is especially
suitable for oily, impure and problematic skin. Leorex
PURE performs the following tasks:
• Deep cleansing.
• Gentle physical micro peeling.
• Supporting and triggering the body's natural selfcuring resources.
• Absorbing and removing superfluous sebum, a key And by doing so, leads to the skin revival, maintaining its smooth, clean, healthy and refreshed appearance.




Purifying Wash

Formulated with Leorex's patented Micro-structures to get closer to your skin than any other skincare product – to cleanse even the most stubborn pores and the toughest skin. Leorex's patented Micro-structures bind together as they dry, pulling the skin along, instantly revealing a smoother appearance. Designed for those with combination or oily skin, this gentle-yet-powerful cleanser deep cleans your pores – for healthy, radiant, clean skin.
SLS free.




Pure Hydrating Gel

Leorex hypoallergenic, oil-free, moisturizing facial gel, free from artificial colors and fragrances. Suitable for all skin types. Particularly suitable for oily to combination skin, and problematic skin.

Synergy of multiple benefits in one gel:
• Revitalizes and refreshes skin, leaving it feeling smoother, softer, healthier and more radiant.
• Enhances skin elasticity by enriching and saturating it with moisture.
• The gel's unique formula hydrates the skin without a residue or staining.






Clinical Studies Results

An open label study conducted in Elisha Hospital in Israel

evaluated the efficacy of PURE on 20 subjects,

including 24 zones on their face and back.

Lesion count revealed that for most subjects, acne blemishes

were reduced by over 90%.

PURE was found to be effective very quickly – most subjects

reached a state of clean skin within 2 to 3 weeks.  

During the clinical study, no side effects were encountered.

Recommended Use

• Use PURE once a day for a week.
• After the first week, you may use PURE once every

  two to four days, depending on the skin's state.
• With very oily skin, use Purifying Wash daily.

Preferably use Purifying Wash
on days PURE is not used.
• Apply Hydrating Gel after each use of PURE or Purifying wash,

to maintain proper skin hydration.


• Follow use instructions per product.
• During the first few days of using PURE, more lesions may surface and become visible – this is normal and actually indicates the cleaning process has started and effective.