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Skin imagin


A new computer enhanced imaging technique allows LEOREX scientists for the first time to visullay document the effect that LEOREX HWNB has on the skin surface. The images below illustrate the process of the removal of dead cells and the flattening of the wrinkles.
The grainy structures on the picture on the left are the dead cells and the shadowy areas are the wrinkles. The dead cells congregate in the wrinkle depressions as well as alongside them. The congregation of the dead cells makes the skin much less elastic and very vulnerable to further damage, i.e. deepening of the existing wrinkles and forming new wrinkles alongside them. 
LEOREX HNWR application is gently removing these unwanted cells, preventing the creation of new wrinkles, cleansing the skin and flattening the already present lines and wrinkles.

Before 15 minutes after
Before application 15 minutes after application

A repeated application of LEOREX HWNB creates a new behaviour pattern in the skin. This daily soft microdermabrasion and mechanical lift of the wrinkles have a valuable cumulative effect. The skin is fitter, softer and more flexible. The wrinkles are reduced and new wrinkles are prevented from forming. In addition there is the invisible part of the LEOREX HWNB, i.e. very deep “absolute” cleansing effect, opening of all channels and sophisticated “on demand” management of moisturiser and other creams.