leorex - Gold series

Gold series


Our mask is designed for those seeking instant results from their cosmetic regime.

A magnificent blend of silica and Gold particles, vitamins C and E, will result in an

immediate stretch of your facial skin and wrinkle reduction. Within 15 minutes, the

mask stimulates the skin metabolism, resulting in a lifting effect, making it look tight,

fresh and young. Application: Use before special occasions ? ( how about…everyday

is a special occasion …look your best…one can never know..

Benefits of 24K Gold:

• Defies the human aging process.

• Look younger almost immediately.

• Provides a golden glow.

• Promotes skins firmness.

• Increases skin elasticity.

• Provide a tightening effect.

• Lightens skin

• Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

• Reduces the appearance of sun damage.

• Reduces age spots.

• Evens out skin tone.

• Makes skin look and feel smoother and softer.

• Fights off damaging free radicals.

• Help prevent premature aging.

• Slows down collagen depletion.

• Prevents sagging skin.

• Minimizes skin inflammation.

• Prevent sagging skin.

• Lifts the skin.

• Stimulates cellular growth.

• Lessens scarring and skin blemishes.

• Repairs damaged skin cells

• Increases the life of the skin.

Gold is one of the softest metals, is

readily absorbed by the skin and can

be used to prevent the development of

wrinkles and lines associated with aging.

Below is a list of benefits of using gold on your skin:

• Gold has revitalizing and rejuvenating effects

• Increases collagen production

• Is strongly anti-inflammatory



Gold Masks Stop Aging


The most famous gold mask in the world is the funerary mask of the pharaoh boy

Tutankhamen. It weighed around 11 kg and it was part of the traditional rituals which

were supposed to make it easier for him to reach eternal life. In Egypt gold masks

were quite popular in the society of the royal family and they were used for several

reasons. The priests used to create a connection with gods while queen Cleopatra had

her own gold mask which she used for cosmetic purposes.

This legendary queen afforded many eccentricities in the name of beauty like bathing

in milk to have her skin smooth and perfectly hydrated. It is highly likely that she

spend every night in her mask. She must have learned about the curative properties of

gold from the scholars she had around her.

How could gold help her stay young and beautiful? This lovely metal has always

fascinated people. They used to believe that such a glorious aspect could do nothing

but good in helping humans from a medical point of view. Research has proved that

it has anti-inflammatory effects. This makes it useful in fighting many diseases but it

also recommends it for skin inflammations.

The modern gold mask treatment consists in applying a thin sheet of pure gold on

the face. It can be done in beauty shops but there are companies who have designed

these masks in a form easy to use at home. This treatment is supposed to lift any loose

skin by slowing the aging process. It is also meant to lighten it and to bring back its

youthful aspect.

The beauty industry has always gone to extremes to offer women the promise

of eternal youth and absolute beauty. These treatments are always very rare and

expensive which only makes them accessible for a limited number of persons.